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Investment Fraud Defense Attorneys in Colorado

Investment fraud carries severe consequences, both criminal and civil. At Feder Law Firm, our Denver attorneys provide tailored representation to individuals facing investment fraud. We handle cases throughout Colorado, aggressively advocating for our clients' rights throughout the entirety of their case.

Our investment fraud defense services are extensive, allowing us to go to great lengths when handling fraud and other white-collar crime cases. Our Denver firm prides itself on maintaining the favorable reputation we have obtained by thoroughly investigating our clients' situations and upholding the highest standards of professional and legal ethics.

Typically investment fraud involves fraud perpetrated through the falsification of company information to potential or current investors. Many cases involve a company having been made to look successful in order to obtain money from investors. Misleading information can include:

  • Forged financial documentation
  • Inaccurate loan documentation
  • Failure to disclose material facts in offering documents
  • Exaggeration of assets, actual revenues, and expected return on investment
  • Understatement of company costs and liabilities

Criminal Convictions

A conviction on an investment fraud charge can drastically alter your life. You may be facing prison time, large monetary fines, or repayment of any money that was fraudulently obtained. We are dedicated to fighting the charges at every stage in the case. If deemed to be in your best interests, an attorney at our office may be able to negotiate with the prosecution for lesser punishments, such as probation, community service, or other alternative consequences.

To learn more about your options when facing investment fraud charges, contact a Denver lawyer at Feder Law Firm to schedule an appointment. Our telephone number is 303-221-5599.