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Colorado Ponzi Scheme Defense Attorneys

If you are facing charges involving a Ponzi scheme, or are under investigation by law enforcement, you need the counsel of a law firm with extensive experience in defending white-collar crimes charges. At Feder Law Firm in Denver, our attorneys will support you with personalized care and attention, while providing experienced litigation in investment fraud or embezzlement charges.

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Smart, Aggressive Defense

Our attorneys focus on the business side of law, and possess vast securities litigation and investment fraud defense experience. We have a deep knowledge of investment law, and understand how businesses are financed. We are prepared to help you fight the Ponzi scheme charges from day one. Conviction carries heavy penalties, including prison time, stiff fines, and returning money to investors.

Ponzi scheme cases are often tried in federal court, because of the large amounts of money lost by investors.

We Protect Your Rights

Typically, Ponzi scheme charges are brought when it is discovered that investments have gone awry. The business may have started legitimately, but soon could not meet its financial goals, using funds from later investors to pay dividends to early investors. The business at first reported transactions appropriately, then began falsifying company information to hide evidence of wrongdoing.

We protect clients in Denver and throughout Colorado, by thoroughly investigating Ponzi scheme charges, and building the strongest defense possible. We are skilled at negotiating reduced charges with the prosecutor if it is in our client's best interest.

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