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As an employer you have the right to protect yourself from unfair competition. If you are involved in a highly competitive field such as technology or entertainment, many processes, codes, or designs are closely guarded secrets, inside tracks to success that your competitors would like to have.

The attorneys at Feder Law Firm are skilled in drafting covenants not to compete for new and existing employees. We also represent employees who are asked to sign unfair non-compete agreements and would like a legal review of their rights and responsibilities.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in resolving employment contract disputes as well as business disputes. For a confidential consultation with an attorney skilled in writing enforceable non-compete agreements, contact us today.

We Create Non-Compete Agreements that Protect your Business

In many competitive industries, the most valuable resources are the company's employees. They are the ones who wrote the code, designed the project, or brainstormed the new time-saving manufacturing process.

It is not unusual for a competitor to try to lure away your best employees, or for your employees to look for a more lucrative opportunity within your industry or field of specialization. An enforceable non-compete agreement protects your rights by specifying a waiting period where the former employee may not work for any direct competitor, generally from one to two years. Non-compete agreements are usually part of employee contracts, which we are happy to help you draft.

We Protect the Rights of Employers and Employees

We represent employers, who have sustained losses due to the actions of former employees, in breach of employment contract suits. Our attorneys also represent employees in employment disputes and advise employees of their rights in signing a covenant not to compete. We use a number of legal tools to resolve employment disputes, including litigation, mediation, and arbitration.

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